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Why is it important for wire rope fittings to be made in USA?

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What we do is important, so when it counts, products should be Made in USA

We all buy insurance on our business liability, on our car and home. We don’t buy the cheapest car, but a safe, reliable car with a good reputation. We pay to cover ourselves, to mitigate risk. There are lots of risks with both the fabrication and the use of wire rope. Wire Rope assemblies, shackles, swage sockets, spelter sockets, and lifting hardware all do important things. Rigging shops should similarly use Made In USA rigging components for an added quality insurance. It’s good business to use products that don’t have as many potential issues. Many imported items test well and have become established. What they lack, in this global marketplace, is the consistency and accountability. If you have a problem, what legal entity is backing you from an imported shackle resold a few times? Imports often are questioned where they truly are made: foreign manufacturers are famous for outsourcing wherever they can to lower costs, especially as companies change ownership. The problem with many developing countries where they may source materials are the inconsistent power and materials: sometimes good, sometimes bad. And, the further you get from the application, the more potential the manufacturer does not understand why a product should be made a certain way, like a physical or chemical property, ultimately making something the wrong way. American manufacturing, like Muncy, stands behind their product and have consistency that we should have in a critical application: buying American can help mitigate risk.

American rigging supply chain is good for rigging shops

The maxim “what goes around comes around” holds true to business. Companies that import everything possible to save a few cents (that they argue add up) could be working toward their demise, as more business is conducted via internet and less in the “brick and mortar” supply houses, like their own company. By promoting import wire rope, hardware, and all components, rigging shops may be on a slippery slope and promoting for more “imported slings”, promoting themselves out of business. Rigging shops may end up reselling all slings or all slings just sold online. Rigging shops play an important role in lifting: understanding the application and providing proper rigging. A country without rigging shops is not good for safe lifting, the country or the world.

American supply chain is good for America

American manufacturing means America is stronger: American jobs and control of strategic industries. We all want a strong America, whether you live here or not. What is America if we can’t lift anything or hold anything up? During the pandemic many riggings shops stayed open while other business remained closed. Why? Because our industry and its supply chain was often deemed “life sustaining” or “essential” to the country. America needs our industry, and as such we must control our rigging industry by supporting domestic manufacturers. We should not let other countries control our lifting industry, by supply chain or by their standards. It’s not just patriotic, but also self-serving so that rigging shops can thrive. No rigging shop is insulated from the demise of our industry. Instead, supporting rigging shops’ USA supply chain supports the rigging shop. As per President Kennedy, “a rising tide lifts all boats”.

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Author: Muncy Industries


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