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Muncy Industries Press Releases

Muncy Industries Press Releases


Muncy Industries Introduces Louisiana Plant Manager”

Muncy Industries is pleased to welcome Mr. John Leisenring to our team! John has 14 years of experience as a CNC Machinist and has worked as Plant Manager at a machine shop in Florida. He takes the reigns as Plant Manager of the new Muncy Industries facility in Lafayette, Lousiana. We appreciate John's eagerness and feel he will be a key asset to our company.

Our Lafayette branch has three roles: Warehouse and distributor for Muncy products made in our Pennsylvania facility, machine shop to provide faster delivery for special wire rope fittings, and finally a training facility used for educating our customers on how to properly apply our hardware. The Lafayette facility maintains a stock of Muncy's proprietary grade of steel, which has been specially developed for swaged fittings. Typical job shop machine shops use "off-the-shelf" steel that is prone to cracking during the swaging process.

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Muncy Industries Press Releases