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Muncy Industries Press Releases

Muncy Industries Press Releases

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Muncy Industries Acquires Sea-Fit

Muncy, Pennsylvania. The Muncy family of companies, which includes The Upson-Walton Company, Muncy Machine & Tool and Newco Manufacturing, is proud to announce the addition of Sea-Fit, effective December 30, 2016. Sea-Fit was founded by Mike Hall with an ultimate goal of developing premium products, designed with end-users’ feedback and approvals. Sea-Fit includes the mooring socket line, which are part of a mooring system to secure offshore semi-submersible drilling rigs to the ocean floor. Under Mike Hall’s initiatives, Sea-Fit has performed destructive testing for each size socket to forces exceeding the “strongest rope available”, including 4” diameter wire rope.

Muncy is pleased to acquire Sea-Fit, as it complements Muncy’s current lines, including its spelter sockets, swage sockets, hawser thimbles, towing thimbles, wire rope edge protectors, to name a few. Sea-Fit is also Made In USA, which is an important part of Muncy’s identity. Muncy intends on growing the Sea-Fit name along with its products.

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Muncy Industries Press Releases