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Muncy Industries Press Releases

Muncy Industries Press Releases

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Introducing, The Muncy Institute!

Muncy Industries is committed to offering the ultimate in customer service and support.  We say we train by the “Practical Textbook”.  To make our customers stronger, Muncy Industries created the “Muncy Institute”, where our trained professionals provide technical training to our customers’ rigging in their shops on how to apply our products to wire rope.  Many riggers are trained by “tribal knowledge”, where riggers keep training each other.  How do we know they’ve been doing it right?  We show you how to splice, spelter, swage, etc. correctly AND practically. We say we train by the “Practical Textbook”.   Qualified customers receive free training!

Muncy Certified Rigger Training

For customers that their riggers’ technique analyzed and validated, we offer Certified Rigging Training. A Muncy Certified Rigger undergoes our training in particular rigging techniques: whether at your facility (with your familiar equipment) or at one of our partner facilities in Houston.  Then, they are graded on their technique, style, timeliness and on the break tests.  Our engineering staff will analyze your rigger’s product and technique, providing you a report validating your rigger’s “Competence” and that they are “Qualified” in certain techniques.

Work Instruction and Confidential Training Assessment

We leave behind a detailed work instruction that can be used as a reference guide and to teach future riggers. Call Jason Fetter to request a confidential training assessment form at (281)961-7658 or email the Muncy Institute at

Confidential Rigging Training Assessment: Click here to Download

For any questions about Muncy Industries or Institute, please contact us at 570-649-5188.


Muncy Industries Press Releases