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Muncy Industries Press Releases

Muncy Industries Press Releases


Muncy Industries Contest Winner makes Skydive!

Aug 10, 2013 - Glenn Richard of Certex Lifting Products' Lafayette branch, made use of a skydive he won at Muncy Industries' 2nd annual crawfish boil. Glenn made the tandem skydive at Westside Skydivers just outside of Houston, Texas. Glenn jumped with tandem instructor Bob Hunter while videographer Nate Wernig shot video and took still photographs. Muncy Industries' Lafayette branch manager, John Leisenring, joined in the fun as well.

After climbing to 14,000 feet in a Cessna Caravan, Glenn and John jumped free falling at speeds up to 120 miles per hour. John was able to link up in free fall with Glenn making the skydive truly memorable. Glenn deployed his own parachute, around 5,000 feet and glided to a soft landing. When asked what his favorite part he answered "the exit". "What a rush! Can't wait to go again." was John's reaction to the skydive.

For your chance to win prizes such as this once in a lifetime opportunity, be sure to attend the annual crawfish boil festivities, hosted by Muncy Industries, LLC, in the month of March at their Lafayette, Louisiana location. You will also have a chance to see Muncy's new product lines such as Stainless Steel 1 Piece Duplex Sleeves, Casing and Slip through thimbles, Wedge Buttons, and Twist-on Buttons.

Muncy Industries Press Releases