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Muncy Industries Press Releases

Muncy Industries Press Releases

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Muncy Institute Wire Rope Rigging Training in High Demand

Muncy Institute was surprised by the immediate interest by wire rope rigging shops throughout the United States. Where we expected interest by a few, the many requests for training puts Muncy Institute personnel at a dilemma of how to be everywhere at the same time. Our training in Houston, TX at our partner location is also has proved helpful to train customers faster than our travel to their location.

Muncy Institute Training in Florida

Last week, our trainers performed training at 3 customers’ rigging shops on various disciplines. Some shops wanted trained on techniques new to their riggers, others wanted to learn safer, faster ways of rigging. Our goal to “inspire competence” throughout our customers’ companies is best achieved from inside the shop. We were impressed with our customers’ “riggers” and look forward to seeing how they progress after our training.

Certified Wire Rope Assembly Fabricators

Muncy did conduct some “Muncy Certified Rigger” training, which is more intense and requires trainees’ fabrication to be analyzed by Muncy’s engineering department. We wish all the participants luck, and pass or fail, trust our trainees gained both knowledge and confidence in rigging.


Muncy Industries Press Releases