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Muncy Industries Press Releases

Muncy Industries Press Releases

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Muncy Institute Wire Rope Rigging Training in High Demand

Muncy Institute is steadily reaching more and more rigging shops across the United States. This past week we held training sessions for our customers in California. We are proud to provide rigging shops across the nation with training that will “inspire confidence” within their shops, and ultimately make our industry safer. By training inside the shop first we can then begin to see the safer practices carried on throughout the wire rope industry.

The Muncy Institute offers a variety of training sessions from our “practical textbook” to suit the needs of each individual rigging shop. These include but are not limited to; splicing, speltering, swaging, multi-part braiding, and various assembly techniques.

The Muncy Institute is having successful “On The Road” experiences! If you would like to set up a training session with us please contact us at

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Muncy Industries Press Releases