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Muncy Industries Press Releases

Muncy Industries Press Releases


Muncy Domestic Hand Swage Tool

Domestic Hand Swager
Muncy is excited to add Newco’s domestic swaging tools to its product line as part. Where import hand crimping tools are in the market, they don’t typically last as long as domestic products that are built to last with better steel and design. The die cast aluminum handle and hardened steel jaws make the swagers easy to use by hand and for heavy duty use.

Muncy now offers Newco’s No. 1 Hand Tool used for duplex ferrules and button stops including for 1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16” and 7/16”. This swaging tool, also called “swagging, “comes with these multiple sizes for ferrules and buttons. In addition to the hand swager, Newco has a bench swager for crimping copper and aluminum duplex ferrules and button stops onto wire rope. This swaging tool has similar jaw cavities to the hand tool, but is bench mounted for higher volume production and additional mechanical advantages that make swaging easier.

Know how to Swage
It is important to use proper tools when terminating wire rope with aluminum, copper, or any termination. Please consult the manufacturers of any swagers for proper swaging procedures and equipment. Muncy hand swagers for multiple sizes of wire rope include a swaging gauges for multiple swaged diameters to help you know that you’ve swaged the stop or ferrule to the correct outside diameter. Swaging too much (“overswaging”) or not crimping the fitting onto the rope enough (“underswaging”) may cause your assembly to improperly fail.

Single Cavity Tools
Muncy also offers three and single cavity hand swagers that are economical for customers who have a project with just one size to swage. From fencing to railings to tags and labels, these hand swagers are easy to use in the field or in a shop.