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Muncy Industries Press Releases

Muncy Industries Press Releases

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Muncy Industries' 5th Annual Crawfish

Muncy Industries, a leader in the wire rope fitting and heavy lifting hardware industry, thanked its customers with beer and crawfish boiled to Cajun perfection on April 14, 2017 at its Lafayette Louisiana location. The annual event continues to be a great place for the Wire Rope and heavy lifting community to get together. Many customers were surprised Muncy had its Boil despite the difficult oil and gas marketplace. Muncy is relentless in its service to the industry, especially when crawfish can be involved.

Muncy's Boil Is Like Its Heat Treat Cycle

Like Muncy's heat treat cycle for its Flemish eye sleeves, carbon steel swage sockets and its swaged buttons, threaded studs and other fittings, Muncy's boil was developed over years by both engineers (yes engineers were involved in the first boil and the fabrication of the state-of-the-art crawfish trailer) and by practical experience. Muncy's engineers have developed our heat treat cycles to optimize steel for the extreme forces applied in the swaging process. Muncy's Lafayette staff have developed "secret ingredients and recipes" to optimize the amalgamation of crawfish and Boil flavor. The only better crawfish may be from the next batch for a spicier taste.

Muncy showcases Seafit Line At Boil

Muncy recently acquired the Seafit line in December, 2016. Seafit manufactured many product lines, including its mooring sockets, as showcased at the Boil. The mooring sockets are most used to anchor semi-submersible drilling rigs, and perhaps in the near future other rigs and ships, including drill ships with dynamic positioning systems. Muncy Industries is pleased to have another name synonymous with Made In USA quality. Also on display was Upson-Walton's swage socket for 3" wire rope, the largest in the world. No other manufacturer makes a swage socket that large or strong.

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Muncy Industries Press Releases