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Muncy™ End Links for Wire Rope

Muncy™ End Links are manufactured in the USA using a quality forging for a blend of strength and ductility.

Muncy™ Quality USA Forgings

Everything produced by Muncy™ Industries is Made in USA. "USA" is Forged directly into our End Links, along with our name as the manufacturer, size, and heat number for traceability.

Federal Specification

Muncy™ End Links are produced in accordance with the dimensional, performance, and testing requirements of RR-C-271F (Type XV). Parts are stocked painted Muncy Blue, and are available Hot Dip Galvanized upon request.

Forged End Links
Part Number Size W.L.L. Wt. Each A B C D
EL-20 5/8 9,300 0.90 5/8 1 3-1/4 2-5/16
EL-24 3/4 12,000 1.36 3/4 1-1/8 3-1/2 2-5/8
EL-28 7/8 14,000 2.65 7/8 2 5-1/8 3-3/4
EL-32 1 15,200 3.90 1 2-1/4 5-3/4 4-1/4