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Muncy Industries | Pipe Bridles

The Newco Pipe Bridle was designed specially to be used where a large flat angle is necessary. It has a 70° spread and can be adjusted to lift various lengths of pipe. It also protects the wire rope from the severe abrasion of the crane hook and allows adjustments of the legs. The bridle is cast from high strength. Maganese Bronze Alloy of 110,000P.S.I.

Stock No. Rope Size A B C D E F G H J Wt. Lbs.
PB-16 1/2 5 3-1/4 6-3/4 9-3/8 5/8 9/16 1-5/16 3/8 3/4 3-1/2
PB-20 5/8 5-3/4 3-3/4 7-1/2 10-1/4 3/4 11/16 1-7/16 3/8 1 4-1/2


W.L.L. Working load limit based on sling using two pipe hooks.