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W.L.L. Working Load Limit based on sling using two pipe hooks.

Stock NO. A B C Rope Size W.L.L. Weight
PH-2 1-1/4 1 3-1/4 3/8 - 5/8 8500 8-1/2 LBS.
PH-3 1-1/4 2 3-1/4 3/8 - 5/8 7500 10-1/2 LBS.
PH-4 1-3/8 4 5-1/2 3/8 2000 5 LBS.
PH-5 1-1/4 7/8 5-1/2 3/8 - 5/8 7000 13 LBS.
PH-10 1-3/16 2-1/2 4-1/4 3/8 - 1/2 3500 7-1/2 LBS.
PH-55 1-1/4 7/8 5-1/2 3/8 - 5/8 7000 29 LBS.

Pipe Hook Insert Kit

pipe hook kits
pipe hook kits


Stock NO. Replacement For Hook Weight Lbs. Each
PHI-2 PH-2 0.11
PHI-3 PH-3 0.24
PHI-5 PH-5 0.32
PHI-55 PH-55 0.85


Newco Pipe Hooks are designed to ease the job of handling pipe. They speed up loading or unloading of pipe sections, or the moving of pipe. For handlig pipe with ease, select the pipe hook best suited to your need from these six sizes. Federal stock number, FSN-3940-909-3716.

No. 2 Equipped with soft brass inserts to prevent damaging thin wall gas or oil pipe.

No. 3 Same as No.2 with a longer throat opening. Has brass insert.

No. 4 A flame cut 3/4" steel plate hook adaptable for lifting jobs requiring a wide throat opening.

No. 5 A wide bearing surface pipe hook with a scuff resistant plastic insert for protecting epoxy lined pipe.

No. 10 A versatile multi-purpose pipe hook for lighter lifting jobs.

No. 55 Same as No.5 with a 8-1/2" wide bearing surface and plastic insert.

Note: Working loads shown in table are based on slings using two pipe hooks.

All Newco Pipe Hooks are equipped with handles for ease of handling.


The Angle of Each Sling Leg Should Be Carefully Checked with Each Usage To Prevent Overloading.