Muncy Machine and Upson-Walton

Muncy™ Flemish Eye Sleeve Dies

Muncy Wire Rope Swaging Dies

Muncy has been making swaging dies for many different kinds and sizes of swagers. We manufacture with special steel that we heat treat for a longer swager die life. We manufacture both open channel and pocket dies. Dies are used to swage threaded studs, button stops and ferrules, logging choker ferrules, Muncy Twist-On buttons, grommet sleeves, Flemish eye sleeves for molly Hogan splices, ball shanks, clevis, fork and pin eye terminals, aluminum and copper sleeves and button stops, one piece and two piece sleeves, drumline buttons, to name a few. Our dies can swage carbon steel, aluminum and copper fittings.

Muncy Swaging Dies Used in United States, Canada

Most of Muncy’s dies are manufactured within the wire rope industry. However, there are other applications where Muncy dies are used, still used to compress a fitting onto a cable or wire

Muncy Dies are Made In USA

Muncy uses steel made in the United States and monitors certain key chemical and physical properties. We stand behind our product and work for a fast turnaround, with blocks of steel in stock and in-house heat-treat capabilities.

Flemish Eye Sleeve Die Part Number Breakdown
Wire Rope Size ESCO Swagers National Swagers
2" x 3-1/2"
2-1/2" x 5"
4" x 7"
5" x 7" 6" x 12"
1/4 Tapered Die ESFE0.250 EMFE0.250 ELFE0.250 NSFE0.250  
5/16-3/8 Tapered Die ESFE0.313-0.375 EMFE0.313-0.375 ELFE0.313-0.375 NSFE0.313-0.375  
7/16-1/2 Tapered Die ESFE0.438-0.500 EMFE0.438-0.500 ELFE0.438-0.500 NSFE0.438-0.500  
9/16-5/8 Tapered Die ESFE0.563-0.625 EMFE0.563-0.625 ELFE0.563-0.625 NSFE0.563-0.625  
3/4 Tapered Die ESFE0.750 EMFE0.750 ELFE0.750 NSFE0.750  
7/8 1st stage   EMSC1.750 ELSC1.750 NSSC1.750  
7/8 Tapered Die   EMFE0.875 ELFE0.875 NSFE0.875  
7/8 Combo       NSCFE0.875  
1 1st stage   EMSC2.000 ELSC2.000 NSSC2.000  
1 Tapered Die   EMFE1.000 EL2FE1.000 NSFE1.000  
1 Combo       NSCFE1.000  
1-1/8 1st stage   EMSC2.250 ELSC2.250 NSSC2.250  
1-1/8 Tapered Die   EMFE1.125 ELFE1.125 NSFE1.125  
1-1/8 Combo       NSCFE1.125  
1-1/ 1st stage   EMSC2.500 SLSC2.500 NSSC2.500  
1-1/4 Tapered Die   EMFE1.250 ELFE1.250 NSFE1.250  
1-1/4 Combo       NSCFE1.250  
1-3/8 1st stage   EMSC2.750 ELSC2.750 NSSC2.750  
1-3/8 Tapered Die   EMFE1.375 ELFE1.375 NSFE1.375  
1-1/2 1st stage   EMSC3.000 ELSC3.000 NSSC3.000  
1-1/2 Tapered Die   EMFE1.500 ELFE1.500 NSFE1.500  
1-3/4 1st Stage     ELFE1.750-1 NSFE1.750-1  
1-3/4 2nd Stage     ELFE1.750-2 NSFE1.750-2  
2 1st Stage     ELFE2.000-1 NSFE2.000-1  
2 2nd Stage     ELFE2.000-2 NSFE2.000-2  
2-1/4 1st Stage     ELFE2.250-1 NSFE2.250-1  
2-1/4 2nd Stage     ELFE2.250-2 NSFE2.250-2  
2-1/2 1st Stage     ELFE2.500-1 NSFE2.500-1 NLFE2.500-1
2-1/2 2nd Stage     ELFE2.500-2 NSFE2.500-2 NLFE2.500-2
2-3/4 1st Stage         NLFE2.750-1
2-3/4 2nd Stage         NLFE2.750-2
3 1st Stage         NLFE3.000-1
3 2nd Stage         NLFE3.000-2
3-1/2 1st Stage         NLFE3.500-1
3-1/2 2nd Stage         NLFE3.500-2
4 1st Stage         NLFE4.000-1
4 2nd Stage         NLFE4.000-2

Wire Rope Size ALCOA Type Swagers
60 Ton
3-1/4" Dia Dies
100 Ton
4" Dia Dies
Part No. A B C D Part No. A B C D
1/4" Tapered Die 60A-0.250FES 2-1/2 3 9/32 3-1/4 100A-0.250FES 4 3-9/16 5/16 4
5/16" - 3/8" Tapered Die 60A-0.375FES 2-1/2 3 9/32 3-1/4 100A-0.375FES 4 3-9/16 5/16 4
7/16" - 1/2" Tapered Die 100A-0.500FES 4 3-9/16 5/16 4
9/16" - 5/8" Tapered Die 100A-0.625FES 4 3-9/16 5/16 4