Muncy Machine and Upson-Walton

Muncy™ BB Buttons

Muncy’s Newco FS and BB Steel Buttons

Prior to Newco joining Muncy, Muncy’s BB Buttons and Newco’s FS Buttons had essentially the same dimensions. Muncy and Newco both used proprietary grades of steel specially for swaging. Recently, Muncy and Newco’s BB and FS Buttons have been combined into the BB Buttons, so as to not have duplicate part numbers for the same product.

Wire Rope Terminations with Button Ferrules

BB Buttons are a common wire rope end termination. We have made these button stops for decades, servicing the construction, food, farm, trash, marine, industries, to name a few. Often these buttons are swaged onto the end or wire rope or cable and placed on the inside of a drum of a winch line.


BB Button Diagram
  • All Muncy™ Machine & Tool fittings are machined from carbon steel specially designed for swaging.
  • Aluminum and stainless steel available upon request.
Stock No. Rope Dia. After Swage Dimension Weight lbs.
Carbon Steel Stainless Steel A B
Self Colored Galvanized Zinc Plated 304 316 Nominal Max
BB-8A BB-8A-HDG BB-8A-ZP BB-8A-SS BB-8A-SS-316 1/4" 0.500 0.510 1-1/32 0.05
BB-10 BB-10-HDG BB-10-ZP BB-10-SS BB-10-SS-316 5/16" 0.625 0.635 1-1/4" 0.08
BB-12 BB-12-HDG BB-12-ZP BB-12-SS BB-12-SS-316 3/8" 0.750 0.770 1-1/2" 0.15
BB-14 BB-14-HDG BB-14-ZP BB-14-SS BB-14-SS-316 7/16" 0.875 0.895 1-7/8" 0.24
BB-18 BB-18-HDG BB-18-ZP BB-18-SS BB-18-SS-316 9/16" 1.063 1.090 2-7/16" 0.52
BB-20 BB-20-HDG BB-20-ZP BB-20-SS BB-20-SS-316 5/8" 1.250 1.290 2-3/4" 0.79
BB-28 BB-28-HDG BB-28-ZP BB-28-SS BB-28-SS-316 7/8" 1.750 1.800 3-7/8" 2.18


BB (FS) Buttons are recommended for use on 6x19 or 6x37 IPS or XIP, EIP, XXIP, EEIP, RRL IWRC wire rope. Not all BB Buttons are designed to hold the breaking strength of the wire rope. Before using BB Buttons with any other type lay, construction, or grade of wire rope, it is recommended that the termination be tested to prove the adequacy of the assembly in the intended application. Proper swaging practices are the assembly manufacturer’s responsibility.