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Muncy™ Quick Check Calipers

Quick Check Calipers

When Measuring the diameter of irregular surfaces, such as wire rope or threads, the jaws of a caliper must be placed precisely to measure the included circle to get an exact measurement. Precise measurement can be hard to accomplish with a standard set of calipers, especially in difficult environments like a shop floor or cramped elevator shaft.

Muncy™ Quick Check Calipers are designed with a large 3" x 1-3/8" measuring surface, allowing multiple contact points with the measuring surface. Ideal for measuring most commonly-used elevator and hoist wire ropes! Accurate measurements can be taken without the hassle of trying to precisely place a standard caliper jaws on the rope or thread. Simply clamp the jaws on the surface to be measured and read the gauge. Muncy™ Quick Check Calipers can be used horizontal or vertically using just the edges of the jaws.