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Dillon S-Beam Load Cell

Dillon S-Beam Load Cell S-Beam Load Cell
Dillon S-Beam Load Cell
Tinned Lead Termination 7-Pin Connector Termination
Works w/ FI-80, FI-127, OR Summing Box. (20FT CABLE) Works w/ FI-127 Box. (20FT CABLE)
Part Number Capacity Part Number Capacity
AWT27-500020 50LB/ 22KG AWT27-500011 50LB/ 22KG
AWT27-500021 100LB/ 45KG AWT27-500012 100LB/ 45KG
AWT27-500022 200LB/ 90KG AWT27-500013 200LB/ 90KG
AWT27-500023 500LB/ 220KG AWT27-500014 500LB/ 220KG
AWT27-500024 1,000LB/ 450KG AWT27-500015 1,000LB/ 450KG
AWT27-500025 2,000LB/ 900KG AWT27-500016 2,000LB/ 900KG
AWT27-500026 5,000LB/ 2,200KG AWT27-500017 5,000LB/ 2,200KG
AWT27-500027 10,000LB/ 4,500KG AWT27-500018 10,000LB/ 4,500KG
AWT27-500028 20,000LB/ 9,000KG AWT27-500019 20,000LB/ 9,000KG

For performance and versatility, the Dillon S-Beam load cell is a top choice.

  • Measures both tension and compression
  • Alloy steel with nickel plating
  • Broad assortment of hardware

Field Proven in Thousands of Applications

Different Styles for Unique Applications

  • Top performing tension/compression combination cells
  • Overhead suspended rated cells – designed for strength and safety
  • Robust compression-only cells

Many Capacities Available

  • Capacities from 25 – 100,000 lb / 10 – 40,000 kg
  • Many stock items

Hardware eases load cell installation

  • Choices from lifting eyes, eye nuts, threaded stud, compression bases and load buttons

Free calibration with Dillon Indicators

  • A Dillon load cell and indicator system is ready for measurement, right out of the box. Includes detailed certificate.