Muncy Machine and Upson-Walton

Muncy™ Strawline Hooks logging and forestry hardware made in USA by Muncy™

Muncy™ Strawline Hooks for wire rope in Logging

Muncy™ Strawline Hooks are manufactured in the USA using a quality forging with a proprietary blend of both strength and ductility. Muncy™ Strawline hooks are primarily used in the logging and forestry industry.

Muncy™ is USA Forgings

Everything made by Muncy is Made In USA.

Strawline Hooks,Strawline Hooks for wire rope are mostly used in logging. Muncy™ is Made in USA. We put
Stock No. Rope Size A B C Weight
STR-10 5/16 19/64 23/64 2-3/8 0.1
STR-12 3/8 29/64 7/16 2-3/4 0.2
STR-14 7/16 15/32 15/32 3-1/8 0.3